Monday, November 7, 2011

Get the Most from Your Financing with a Mortgage Check Up

Get the Most from Your Financing with a Mortgage Check Up

Have you thought about your mortgage lately? Your financial picture can change significantly over time, and having the right mortgage strategy is an important part of making sure your financial needs and goals are met.

A personalized mortgage check up is an easy, no-obligation way to:

• ensure that your repayment approach suits you, for example with payments structured to maximize mortgage principal reduction,
• ensure any consumer debt you may have (such as credit card balances) is transferred to a lower interest rate,
• ensure you have access to the lowest-cost funds for renovations, education or other major expenditures.

Common reasons for a mortgage check up:

• You are planning to have children
• You want to explore your investment options
• You or your spouse have had a change in employment
• You are looking to start or buy a business
• You would like to renovate your home
• You would like the assurance of fixing your mortgage payments
• You are trying hard to manage your payments
• You can't remember the last time you assessed your home financing strategy

Call me today to determine if you are getting the most use out of your mortgage features.

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