Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Did You Know....

Did you know, and more importantly do your contacts in your data base know, that the S & P 500 index delivered a whopping 3.71% return to investors over the last 10 years?  That is not an annual rate of return, but rather the total return over the 10 year period. 
How do you think that compares to investing in real estate?  Well let me tell you... and I hope you're sitting down!  Based on the average house price in Canada, over the same 10 year period, real estate went up 232%.
In dollars and cents that means if you invested $10,000 in the index, you would have earned $371. That same $10,000 invested in real estate, would have earned you $23,200.  It gets better, the real estate earnings could be tax free if you invested in a principle residence.
Why is this important?  I think these figures might motivate some people to re think their investment strategy, and maybe look at investing in real estate instead of the roller coaster stock market.  Perhaps a marketing campaign targeting potential revenue property investors, or first time buyers may be in order?
How do you deliver such a marketing campaign you ask?  Well, we have the perfect solution to easily and inexpensively target these potential clients!  GoMax has already created the templates for you, and they are ready to go today. Simply select a template, set up a Project in your GoMax inTouch system and target those potential investors.  You may just generate some new business for yourself, and as a bonus, some great referrals for your favorite realtor.
There are 3 ways to do anything - the old way, working harder at the old way, or doing something different.  Lets start educating more people about the true value our industry can deliver.
Staying connected and delivering value to your clients consistently will grow your business, and having a system like GoMax do it for you, just makes life that much better.  To learn more or to arrange a demo, please contact us today.
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