Tuesday, April 19, 2011

10 Ways to Boost Sales

No product or services sells it self. Sales will solve most of your problems. With enough money coming in, you can hire more people to run your business, cover your operating costs, invest in marketing and most of all feed your family!

Here are 10 easy steps to boost your sales;

1)     Offer quality products and services.
2)     Focus on the customer. Commit to doing what it takes to make them happy.
3)     Hire talented salespeople. Invest in training for them.
4)     Understand that selling is about developing relationships. Build trust with your customers by being honest, reliable, and admitting any mistakes.
5)     Pay more attention to your existing customers than finding new ones. It’s far less expensive to keep a customer than to find a new one.
6)     Aim to be the best in your industry through exceptional customer care.
7)     Keep your promises. A client’s trust is conditional. Under promise and over deliver.
8)     Never say bad things about any of your competitors.
9)     Always be selling. Open your eyes and ears for new opportunities. Pursue your dream customers. Don’t wait for business to walk in the door.
10) Commit to continuously improving your selling system. Invest in training, resources and tools to get better and better at selling.

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